Mariya Vidmenko, Sergii Vidmenko


Introduction. Education is a guarantee of the future of the country, an important component of its national security. That is why our study is conditioned by the need to understand the place and role of the teacher in education, his personality characteristics and qualities in contemporary society development. It is the teacher who directs his pupils on the way of realizing their personality in society. The purpose of the article is to determine the basic qualities of the pedagogical profession and to construct a professional model of a modern teacher. 

Methods of the article. Аnalysis of psychological, pedagogical and methodological literature on the formation of knowledge about the basic professional requirements for the personality of a modern teacher, generalization, systematization of scientific knowledge regarding the requirements for the personality of the teacher and his structure of personal qualities, development of a professional model of a modern teacher.

Results. Summarizing the scientific knowledge about the structure of the personal qualities of a modern teacher, we have reason to assert that he must have the following qualities: professional orientation of his personality, communicative abilities in the field of communication, features of the character of the creative personality, self-consciousness, great creative experience, creative mental abilities and harmoniously combined with all these features of higher nervous activity (temperament).

Originality. The novelty of our study is that as a result of scientific and pedagogical research, the first attempt was made to build a professional model of a modern teacher.

Conclusion. From our point of view, the professional model of a modern teacher must combine the following components: competence, personal orientation, moral and spiritual culture, professional position of the teacher. These components It is advisable to consider it as a recommendation to the teacher to improve his own personality. 


modern teacher; professional model and training; psycho-pedagogical component; professional needs of the teacher; pedagogical knowledge; competence; methodical culture of the teacher; personal orientation; moral and spiritual culture

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