Olena Kolomiiets


Introduction. The article analyzes the theoretical and practical positions concerning the organization of social work with young families who expect a child to be born in the context of the current social and economic situation. The main problems of the young couple are described, including the analysis of their relevance at the stage of the infant birth. The advantages of interactive education of the young couple in the process of raising their level of readiness for the childbirth are offered. The specific problems of the young spouses’ spheres of interaction, which serve as a conflictogenic environment of the family, are determined. The attention is focused on the stages of preparation of a young couple before the child birth, taking into account the possibilities of overcoming the basic social, psychological, legal and medical problems.

Purpose. Investigate the problems of young families awaiting the childbirth and analyze the effectiveness of introducing innovative forms and methods of social work as to their support.

Methods. Theoretical: the analysis of scientific literature in order to define the concept of "young family", and the definition of young families problems (social and economic, social - psychological, social and legal, medical) at the stage of waiting for the birth of a child; synthesis; comparison, systematization, generalization of the results of the study of young spouses’ family values agreement. Empirical: observation, surveys using the method "Role expectations and harassment in marriage" by O. Volkova, G. Trapeznikova. Results. Clarification of concept "young family" meaning, the level of coherence of the family values of young married couples and the effectiveness of training coursers on their preparation for the childbirth are investigated.

Originality. The effectiveness of training sessions using the model of D. Kolba (studying based on personal experience) in teaching a young couple has been proved. As part of the training sessions, an analysis of gender stereotypes in the introduction of the economy of young families is offered.

Conclusion. The results of the problems of young families study who are at the stage of waiting for the birth of a child and the level of their family values coherence have proved the necessity to improve social work on the social services provision to young couples. Courses for young parents contributed to finding a balance between the professional ambitions of one spouse and the support of another in their potential realization, and increasing the level of readiness of both women and men before the childbirth.


family; social work with young couples; stability of marriage relations; family values; level of readiness for the child birth


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