L. Smerechak, I. Zubrytskyi


Introduction. The article highlights the views of the Galician teacher P. Budz on the content and ways of forming students’ discipline, taking into account the peculiarities of the educational system during this time period. It is also outlined the ways of optimization of the process of pupils’ education in order to increase the level of discipline among schoolchildren.

Purpose – to reveal the views of the Galician teacher P. Budz on the content and ways of forming students’ discipline, taking into account the peculiarities of the educational system during this time period.

Methods. The authors applied dialectical method which allowed surveying the subject of the research and its related connections; the method of system-structural analysis which allowed highlighting the main directions and the content of students’ discipline education at secondary school.

Results. It was studied that the most effective ways of students’ discipline education in P. Budz’s opinion are: personal-professional qualities and the personal example of a teacher, the preparation of the teacher for the lessons, the content of the homework, the cooperation between school and family, the system of extracurricular activities, students’ self-government.

Originality. The emphasis is placed on the fact that the most valuable feature of human character is the discipline. and the whole life of a well-bred person is based on it. It was stressed that the discipline (according to P. BUDZ) should be considered through the prism of the concepts of "social discipline" and "the discipline of order. It is outlined that disciplined behavior is the top priority, especially during military actions.

Conclusion. P. Budz, clearly formulated the main directions and the ways of improving the educational process, and also expressed a number of ideas how to form the discipline of schoolchildren, which is, in his opinion, the basis of the morality of an individual. Among the effective ways of forming this moral quality, he discriminated: strict adherence to the established behavioral rules, a personal example of a teacher, the performance of orders, an appeal to the educational aspect of the educational subjects content, students’ self-government, interaction with parents, etc.


school, teacher, educational process, disciplined behavior, P. Budz


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