O. Yarmolenko, Ju. Shyshatska


Introduction. Social advertising in the modern world plays a significant role and is an instrument in the formation of a civilized society. Therefore, the problem of copyright infringement in this process is quite significant and requires a legal settlement.

Purpose. Comprehensive study and substantiation of the necessity for legislative protection of social advertising as an object of copyrighting.

Methods. The methods of studying this problem have become the analytical study of the copyright problem, the synthesis of the social and scientific thought formation about the problem being investigated, content analysis of the definitions of "social advertising" and "copyright law" in scientific texts, etc.

Conclusion. Nowadays in Ukraine, the development of social advertising is at an early stage. To a large extent, this process depends on insufficiently developed control over the use of advertising ideas from other authors. Social advertising is the most unreserved in the Ukrainian legislation. 


classification of social work; social advertising; copyrights; object of copyright; legal protection; customer; advertiser; consumer of advertising


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