Five main conditions for the transition from the pre-professional era to the era of professionalization and the formation of educational management culture are outlined in the paper: 1) the breakdown of the old centralized system and the need to define new functions for educational authorities at different levels and to establish new relationships between them; 2) the growing movement for the development of education and the lack of experience in managing innovation processes among the majority of educational organizers; 3) the emergence of competition between educational institutions (so far only in cities); 4) instability and poor predictability of the environment in which educational establishments and systems operate; 5) The formation of market relations and the need for active action in the labor market, finance, goods, services to maintain the stable functioning of the education system and its development.

Four most significant shortcomings of organizational management mechanisms are singled out: 1) a low focus of management; 2) current control mechanisms can only provide a delayed reaction; 3) the low efficiency of monitoring the implementation of decisions; 4) the unalterability of the procedures for horizontal coordination of communications between units.

Three main tools of management of a manager in the field of education are also studied: 1) hierarchy of management; 2) culture of management; 3) market relations. At the same time three directions in the training of managers in education are singled out: 1) an increase in the degree of responsibility of the manager for the result of training; 2) a peculiar "democracy" at the level of the educational institution; 3) the improvement of managerial skills at all stages of professional activity.

Four main functions of a manager's activity are highlighted: 1) planning; 2) organization; 3) motivation; 4) control.


education system; educational management; tools of educational management; a manager’s functional duties


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