The purpose of the article is theoretical substantiation of ways of professional self-development of a teacher as a subject of innovative processes aimed at improving the quality of student education. Under the profe-?sional development of a teacher, the researcher understands a complex and lengthy process, which includes constant personal spiritual and moral development, which cultivates the qualities necessary for humane and tolerant communication, regular professional development and improvement of pedagogical skills. It is proved that the professional personal development is a rather complicated process, during which a person deepens and develops his/her knowledge, skills, abilities and professional abilities. The present state of the problem of professional self-development of pedagogical workers in the context of reforming the system of education in our country is analyzed. Factors that adversely affect the teacher of the university in his/her personal and professional development have been singled out and include ignoring the views of the academic community in reforming higher education, an increase in academic and teaching load, bureaucratization, contracting, unrestrained growth of workflow, etc. The process of self-development of a teacher is represented by the author as a process of various changes in the following components: motivational-targeted, cognitive, emotional-volitional, constructive-activity, reflexive and effective. The main informative characteristics that determine the direction and dynamics of self-development of a teacher are highlighted: value orientations, personal meanings, self-esteem, motivational-volitional components, goal-setting.


teacher; educator; professional self-development; higher education institution


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