Training of future workers of social sphere for students’ vocational guidance

Ganna Viktorivna Vasylenko, Оlga Mikolayivna Vasylenko


Introduction. The relevance of the problem is due to the development of market economy, the expansion of professional activities sphere, the restructuring of vocational guidance of students from informational direction to activity direction that needed improvement of the content of professional
training components of future workers of social and educational sphere for vocational guidance in general education schools.
Purpose – the purpose of the article is to reveal the intensification means of professional training of future social workers for students’ vocational guidance.
Methods. There were used a complex of research methods: analysis of educational literature and regulatory documents, ordering of requirements for training future social teachers.
Results. The main research results include the definition of future social teachers training to work at schools. The article deals with the methods aimed at creating motivational and value, cognitive, operational, personal and creative components of training for this type of activity.
Originality. Scientific novelty of the research results lies in intensification and disclosure of the following the means include techniques, methods of interaction between the subjects of training, providing the intensity of material teaching and increased cognitive activity of students.
Conclusion. The harmonious combination of educational, extracurricular activities, participation of students in research work, cooperation with vocational guidance institutions of various types are able to provide self-realization of future social workers in the variety of vocational work with high school students in general education institutions. The development of methods intensifies training of social teachers to promote social responsibility of children of a
family-type home.


Social worker; career guidance; training; component; motivational and values; cognitive; operationally-activity; personal and creative; intensification

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