Phenomenon of andragogy as a new theory of adult education

Olena Oleksandrivna Mykhalchuk


Introduction. Nowadays the major factor of development and even survival
of all humanity is becoming of adult education. Presently many global crises threaten humanity: ecological, nuclear, demographic, exhaustion of resources, threat of hunger, social and national conflicts. Basic danger of our epoch is a crisis of man competence, exactly grown person who executes the row of socio-economic functions in society.
Purpose. The purpose of the article is to analyse in detail phenomenon of andragogy as an independent field of science.
Results. Main principles of adult education are developed by andragogy. It is a new field of knowledge about a man, one of sciences about education which is formed. Its appearance is predefined by all process of education, and also by logic development of theory of education.
Andragogy is the theory of adult education, which concentrates attention on specific conformities to law of mastering of knowledge and abilities of a grown student. Nowadays andragogy is explained as a science about formation of a person during all life; a field of science which cognizes and summarizes practice of adult education, exposes general conformities of adult education; as a theory of adult education; science about purposes, terms, results and conformities of conscious and purposeful, organized education and education of a grown person,
and also self-education and self-realization; discipline, which enables adults who are training for a social professional creation, to educate a capacity for independent and responsible thought; as philosophy and practice of adult education; as ad ult pedagogy; science, which examines educational
problems, self -education and adult education.
There are different ways to determine the essence of such notion as «andragogy», next to which, in obedience to the results of analysis of pedagogical sources exist the notions «adult pedagogy», «theory of adult education», «theory and method of adult education», «theory of adult education». Only in the middle of the ХХ century andragogy began to acquire the lines of an independent science.
Originality. The ph enomenon of andragogy as an independent field of science
is thoroughly analysed; the approaces of researchers to the problem of adult education are highlighted.
Conclusion. Actuality and expedience of the research of adult education problem is predefined that the accumulated experience and system of knowledge the truth of which can be well-proven by pedagogical methods, nowadays enable to affect a question about transformation of adult education from empiric conception in an independent field of pedagogical science.


Andragogy; the education system; adult education; professional training; continuous education; adult; motivation of adults to learn; peculiarities of adult education.

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