Resource center for vocational guidance in the educational district of studying youth

Oleg Leonidovoch Morin


Introduction. The socio-economic situation in Ukraine will change the conditions in which there is professional self-determination of students. The requirement of time, is to support community-conscious and responsible attitude of a growing personality to build their own education and future
career path. This requires the active development of innovative paradigm, the characteristics of which is the modernization of the content and implementation of new forms of activity, and the determining factor development and implementation of scientific and methodological support of professional self-
determination of the individual.
Purpose. The purpose of the article is to review aspects of the Resource Center for Vocational Guidance in the educational district of studying youth.
Results. The most effective framework for the implementation of vocational guidance young students are school districts that have the necessary capacity to establish and maintain the functioning of the complex system of forms, methods and tools aimed at strengthening the person in reasonable
professional self-determination. Only in terms of educational districts can ensure the real coordination of career guidance activities of teaching staff, parents, community, cooperation with the Psychological Service and the State Employment Service of Ukraine. 
In our opinion, direct operation of the Centre shall ensure that the Methodist vocational guidance as well in the long term can join it as a psychologist and a social worker career guidance resource center professionals need to master modern educational technologies. They should be able to create scientific and right projects to achieve goals, to determine the sequence of actions to be taken. This primarily refers to the understanding and application of the establishment of subject-subject of personal relationships.
Originality. Activity of resource center for vocational guidance educational district creates favorable conditions for a free and conscious choice of studying youth the profession in accordance with professional interests, inclinations, abilities, intentions, aspirations, level of education and professional preparation, state of health.
Conclusion. The most productive form of vocational guidance in the implementation of activities in terms of educational districts is the creation of resource centers of vocational guidance.


Professional orientation; professional identity; consulting; profdiagnostik; students; school district; resource center; State employment service

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