Self-education of cadets during the formation of acmeological competence

Artem Oleksandrovich Mayboroda


Introduction. The main idea of the research is the need of formation of acmeological competence of future fire safety specialists’ during the educational process at higher educational establishments. The topicality of this problem is strengthened by a number of existing contradictions: between modern requirements to professional training of future fire safety specialists and insufficient usage of acmeological achievements at higher educational
establishments; between existing modern requirements to professional activity of such specialists and low level of formation of acmeological qualities and abilities and crudity of the pedagogical algorithm of their formation.
Purpose is to identify and examine the acmeological competence as a process of formation of future fire safety specialists’ professional competence.
Methods. By means of observations (direct and indirect), discussions, study of educational and methodical documentation, comparative analysis, which were carried out in the process of teaching and learning by students of Humanities subjects «Psychology», «Psychology of Activity in Special Conditions», «Social Psychology», professionally oriented discipline «Working with Staff in
Organs and Departments of Civil Protection»; training in practical departments; conducting educational and social-and-psychological work.
Results. It is indicated that self-education of cadets - future specialists of fire safety during the formation of acmeological competence is the main idea of the study. It is found out that the formation of cadets' acmeological competence is the process of development of acmeological motives, values, knowledge, skills, important personal and professional qualities. It provides mastering of the means of self-development, self improvement of effective solution of complex problems of personal and professional activities by the cadets. It takes place under the important condition that affects the desire and gradual movement of the individual to the acme peaks. The concept of self-education and its main
characteristics that positively influence the formation of the main components of cadets' acmeological competence was analyzed. In the article self-education serves as the "condition" of formation of individual acmeological competence that is characterized by modern needs and specific features of professional activity in the personal and professional development and improvement of cadets in higher educational establishments. 
Originality. Self-education is realized on the stages of the process: preparatory and organizational stage (learning all available acmeological levels of competence, potential abilities and needs of cadets) by the set of diagnostic techniques, questioning, dialogue; content and procedural (stimulation to identify and implement cadets' motivation to achievement of "acme" in the process of professional training, the dynamic development of personal and professionally important qualities, mastery of acmeological knowledge; implementation of methods and techniques aimed at developing
and testing of the acmeological skills, achievements of future specialists, promoting self-development and self improvement of acquired qualities and abilities) through developed methodological support; analytical and control stage (assisting cadets for their further continuous focus on self-development
and self-improvement of personal and professional achievements of socially positive value).
Conclusion. It is found that the combination of methods of self-education (life project, acmeological tasks and situations, methods of self-knowledge, self-diagnosis, self-esteem, self-control, "Acmeological school”, work with training manual provided formation of cadets’ acmeological competence. The research confirmed the need to study the problem.


Vocational training; acmeology; acmeological approach; acmeological competence; self-education; the essence of cadets' self-education; stages; means and methods of self- education;. cadet of higher educational establishment; future specialist in fire saf

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