Cherkasy University Bulletin: Pedagogical Sciences

Established in: 1997

Bulletin materials focus on the issues of formal, non-formal and informal education. The presented articles report on the results of studies in various dimensions of developing educational systems, specific features of providing various forms of training, factors, which promote new pedagogical technologies, pedagogical conditions conducive to efficacious cognitive activity of subjects in the teaching and learning process, continuity of vocational education, etc.

Scholarly articles of the bulletin are recommended for high school teachers, postgraduates, students, social workers, as well as anyone interested in social and pedagogical issues.


The journal is included in the "List of scholarly professional editions of Ukraine" category "B" in which the results of the theses for obtaining the scientific degrees of Ph.D and doctor of sciences in Pedagogy may be published on the basis of the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine of March 17, 2020 No. 409.


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The journal is indexed in the international scientific databases Copernicus (ICV 2018: 73,37; ICV 2019: 76.51) and CrossRef metadata database.


ISSN: 2076-586Х (Print)

             2524-2660 (Online)


State registration certificate: КВ No. 23937–13777Р of May 21, 2019


Specialized scientific publication registration: Decree of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine of March 17, 2020 No. 409


Knowledge Area: 01 Education / Pedagogy


Specialties: 011 Educational, Pedagogical sciences; 012 Preschool education; 013 Primary education; 014 Secondary education (by subject Specialties); 015 Professional education (by specialization).


Frequency: Quarterly (4 times per year)


Language of the publication: Ukrainian, Russian, English (mixed languages)


Founder: Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University at Cherkasy


Editorial Board of the Series: prof. Borysov V., DrPedSc. (Editor-in-Chief); prof. Lodatko E., DrPedSc. (Deputy Editor-in-Chief).
Members of the Editorial Board: prof. Arkhipova S., DrPedSc.; prof. Bondar I., People’s artist of Ukraine; prof. Vovk O., DrPedSc.; prof. Danylyuk S., DrPedSc.; prof. Desyatov T., DrPedSc.; assoc. prof. Kolomiets O., DrPhilosSc.; assoc. prof. Kukulenko-Lukyanets I., DrPsychSc.; assoc. prof. Nikolaesku I., DrPedSc.; prof. Symonenko T., DrPedSc.; prof. Tarasenkova N., DrPedSc.; prof. Shpak V., DrPedSc.; prof. Avshenyuk N., DrPedSc., sen.res.fel. (Institute of Pedagogical and Adult Education of the NAPS of Ukraine); prof. Harutiunian N., DrPedSc. (Yerevan State University, Republic of Armenia); prof. Budnyk O., DrPedSc. (Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University); prof. Halus O., DrPedSc. (Khmelnytsky Humanities and Pedagogical Academy); prof. Gurzhiy A., DrPedSc., full member of NAPS of Ukraine; assoc. prof. Dobreva (GeorgievaS., CPedSc (Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen, Republic of Bulgaria); prof. Erkibaeva G., DrPedSc. (Hoca Ahmet Yesevi International Turkish-Kazakh University, Republic of Kazakhstan); prof. Zhorova I., DrPedSc. (CHEE “Kherson Academy of Continuing Education”); prof. Klim-Klimaszewska A., DrHab. (Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities, Poland); prof. Klavina A., DrPedSc. (Latvian Academy of Sport Pedagogy, Republic of Latvia); assist. prof. Kondrashov O., DrPedSc. (Thompson Rivers University, Canada); prof. Malafiik I., DrPedSc. (Rivne State Humanities University); prof. Mikaelian H., DrPedSc. (Khachatur Abovyan Armenian State Pedagogical University, Republic of Armenia); prof. Nazarenko G., DrPedSc. (CEI “Cherkasy Regional Institute of Postgraduate Education of Pedagogical Workers of Cherkasy Regional Council”); prof. Omelchenko S., DrPedSc. (SHEE “Donbas State Pedagogical University”); assoc. prof. Perig A., CSc. (Donbass State Engineering Academy); prof. Ponomarenko T., DrPedSc. (Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University); prof. Prygodii M., DrPedSc. (National Pedagogical Dragomanov University); prof. Rudyshyn S., DrPedSc. (Oleksandr Dovzhenko Hlukhiv National Pedagogical University); prof. Skvortsova S., DrPedSc., corresp. member of the NAPS of Ukraine (SI "South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushynsky"); prof. Fedosova I., DrPedSc. (DHEE "Pryazov State Technical University"); assist. prof. Kharadze E., DrPedSc. (Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Georgia).
Secretariat: prof. Hnezdilova K., DrPedSc.; Pakushina L., CPedSc; assoc. prof. Serdiuk Z., CPedSc.


Editorial office address: st. Ostafiy Dashkovich, 24, room. 376, Cherkasy, 18000


Phone: +38(093) 07-123-06