A. S. Lesyk


Abstract. Different approaches to the definition of "communicative competence" are analyzed in the article. Levels of personality’s competency upper and lower are defined. Classification of the main lists of key competencies classification, which were divided into three main blocks, is characterized. The authors' view of the problem considering age characteristics of primary school children is presented. 

Key competencies for a successful life and function in society include: autonomous action (the ability to protect and take care of the responsibilities, rights, interests and needs of others, the ability to draw up and implement individual projects, the ability to operate in a large (wide) context); interactive use of (the ability to use language, symbols, texts interactively, the ability to use knowledge and information literacy, the ability to use (new) interactive technologies); ability to function in socially heterogeneous groups (successfully interact with others, to cooperate, to solve conflicts). Our analysis of scientific sources shows that the notion of communicative competence is understood as "a specific system of different types of used meanings only partly conscious by an individual who is the subject of reflection, conversation, and regulates interactive actions and speech communication"; "a set of personal qualities of a student (value-semantic orientations, knowledge, skills, abilities) resulting to his/her experience in a particular social and personal and significant area"; human ability to communicate in labour and learning activities to satisfy their intellectual needs; "the person's ability to communicate in one or some kinds of speech activities, which is a special quality of linguistic personality acquired in the process of natural communication or specially organized training "; "ability to communicate orally and in writing in native and foreign languages"


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Lesyk, A. S. (2018). THE ESSENTIAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE CONCEPT "COMMUNICATIVE COMPETENCE". Вісник Черкаського національного університету імені Богдана Хмельницького.<Br>Серія: "Педагогічні науки", (3). вилучено із
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A. S. Lesyk, Berdyansk State Pedagogical University

Master of Pedagogical Science, Senior lecturer of the chair of pedagogika of Berdyansk State Pedagogical University



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