Relation «Monitoring» and «Management» of School Education


Rumyana Gyoreva


The efficiency of the educational institutions and modernization and reformation of the educational systems have had priority in politics for the last years. These haven’t been completed thoroughly in the Bulgarian educational system. Among the basic problems are the excessively centralized system of school education and the lack of a control system aimed at the idea to humanize education, support, assertive environment, assistance. Control within and over school organizations is part of their ruling and such possible technology is monitoring, and under the conditions of decentralization and independence of school education, this technology would be more efficient.
The report deals with the basic characteristics of monitoring as a technology of social control, its basic relations as well as its interdependence of the ruling of the school education and its quality


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Gyoreva, R. (2016). Relation «Monitoring» and «Management» of School Education. Вісник Черкаського національного університету імені Богдана Хмельницького.<Br>Серія: "Педагогічні науки", 10(343). вилучено із
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Rumyana Gyoreva, PhD Southwestern University "Neophyte Rilski" Blagoevgrad


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